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Dec. 24th, 2008 | 07:58 pm

I haven't posted in a year.. am i awesome or what?

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i dont like writing things

Dec. 21st, 2007 | 02:02 pm

When did I last update? ehhh i dunno

Well whatever. It's holidays and generally I hate holidays purely because of the lack of doing anything. The whole appeal is that you can go out and drink yourself stupid, but I figure I'm stupid enough with out the drinking so I don't bother.

Currently working as an aXeMas temp at Noel Leemings which isn't fun at all but it will suffice until they read this and fire me (check the news lately).

As always once you pass that certain age Christmas no longer seems to be such a nice time of year and this year is no different. I don't know who are the people that keep reading this but if you actually bother than power to ya so I'm not worried about keeping my personal life too personal as that would deny me being human.

anyway its just over a week ago that my Grandmother died from cancer, the same grandmother who raised me. She was nearing 80 (if not already 80.... i know i know im just really horrible when it comes to birthdays, i lose track easily) and she's had issues with melanoma (SP?) for quite some time where they would treat it and then a few years it would come back so sadly it had been a long time coming and no one in our family were shocked when it happened. Sure its sad but it's not like she didn't live a full life. She lived a few.

Anyway I can't wait for these holidays to be over so I can get back into my routine of sleeping in late and being late for class.

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Cant sleep ever again

Dec. 8th, 2007 | 11:03 pm

So I think someone tried to break in last night. By someone I mean about 3 people. I was watching a dvd last night and about 1:30, 1:40 around then (AM ofcourse) there was violent banging coming from the front door. I got up to check what it was. Of course stupidly I opened the door to the sound of foot steps running away, many so I assume 3 or more people. I don't know if it was some prank but considering the mass amount of burgalaries in this area lately (45 in one week, holy shit) and the escaped murderer and agrivated robber on the loose its hard to think of anything else. So I spent pretty much the whole night away with my metal cane by my side and to be honest i'm not feeling much better tonight about it either. sigh. I guess we'll see in about 2 hours time .

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Dec. 3rd, 2007 | 07:12 pm

Whats with people stealing my AMV's and putting it on their Myspace pages. Atleast email me and ask you fuckers. My contact details are at the end of both of my AMV's, what? you couldnt read it and send me a message "Hey, I enjoyed your AMV. Thanks for the time and effort put into it, I'd really like to put it up on my Myspace page and act like it's mine if thats ok with you." I personally don't care if you say its yours or not as I can just fuck with ya and change the video to gay porn or something like that, try explain having that up on your myspace page after claiming you made it yourself. Really, did you people think I wouldn't notice? It says how many people are linking it right on the video page. Only 1 I gave permission for and another ofcourse being me, But how to explain the other links to random myspace pages? hmmm! I know the theiving bastards arent gonna see this, but alot of people do, and you all do my bidding so go destroy their myspace pages my slaves! go go go

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well i have to say thats pretty fucken accurate

Nov. 18th, 2007 | 03:27 am

The Mixed Messenger

Deliberate Brutal Love Dreamer (DBLD)

The Mixed Messenger

Just...take...the...fucking...flower...darling. The Mixed Messenger apologizes again.

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In a relationship, you're usually the emotional leader. With your friends, you're a little bit more part of the pack. You're well-liked but you're not the uninhibited type, so the spotlight's often on someone else. In both social and romantic situations, however, you almost always get what you want. Influencing people is something you do very well.

Your exact male opposite:

The Playboy

The Playboy

Random Gentle Sex Master

Always avoid: The Playstation (RGSM), The Peach (RGLM)

Consider: The Priss (DBLD)

Link: The Online Dating Persona Test @ OkCupid - free online dating.

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exciting stuff!

Nov. 18th, 2007 | 01:58 am

this is my first post in a long while...

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when the sunset turns red

Jun. 17th, 2007 | 06:40 pm

Needed to update this... i guess.. nothing else to do... but nothing to say. people should visit me in hamilton.. really really should. its cold here.. cold is fun

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Apr. 17th, 2007 | 01:57 pm
music: Polyphonic spree - Suitcase calling

So I didn't sleep much last night. mainly cause im fucken ill. so that rocks. As of right now I'm unemployed but hope to get something soon. Hopes a wonderful thing because it doesnt mean jack shit. but yea. So hamiltons been... Well nothing yet. I havent doen anything to report or anything not to report. as of right now my lifes incredibly dull so yea this was just a waste of time.

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I dont fly around your fire any more

Apr. 1st, 2007 | 05:27 pm

Well I left Auckland and my presence or lack there of will remain unnoticed. In fact the only dent i made was in my big toe by dropping a desk on it. yes it still hurts and still looks nasty. pics later maybe.

So now i live in hamilton. Ofcourse in typical me fashion the place we have is set to be demolished. Its a nice place too. Ontop of that neither me or nina have secure income yet.. but luck will have to swing our way.

anyway as usual theres drama so i gotta go

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so its tomorrow?!?

Mar. 20th, 2007 | 08:59 pm

Stuff is pretty much all packed. alot of cleaning to do but i will kill someone and stab their eyes out. but im on my way to hamilton. well tomorrow i am.. WHEEE hello hamilton.. goodbye auckland. Most people i said goodbye to in person. the rest of you.. im sorry but you didnt take the time :(

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